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Homes and Warps
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Author:  cartman-2000 [ Sat Jan 12, 2013 4:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Homes and Warps

I've switched homes and warps to the ones built into essentials, however you will have to reset your homes and warps as they can't really be brought over from the other plugin.

The reason for the switch is because I am trying to prune the number of plugins on the server to make it a little easier and faster to update.

If you need to find your places you can look for them on the map render here.

the home commands are:
/home [playername:][name]
/sethome [name]
/delhome [name]
Allows you to set a home, leaving the name blank with set the default home, you can have 10 homes as a regular player and 20 as a vip. Vip's are able to goto other players home by adding the other players name to the home string.

the warp commands are:
/setwarp (name) - Sets a warp
/delwarp (name) - Deletes a warp
/warp (name) - Goes to a warp (Not case sensitive for these names.)

The homes command acts a bit like private warps since you can have more than one and can only be accessed by yourself or other vips, warps on the other hand are completely public, can be accessed or modified by anyone.

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