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 Getting Started on Cartmans MCserver 
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+++++++++++some of the info here is outdated and will be updated soon, a new fresh 1.0 world has been added and other important changes+++++++++++++

Welcome to Cartman-2000's Minecraft Server. Please read this thread as it contains many tidbits of helpful information

The server rules are on the Message board at spawn, READ and FOLLOW them. I'll post a brief list here as well.

No griefing. Griefing can be damaging or modifying something someone made, stealing from someone, etc etc. If you didn't build it, don't modify or damage it. Big Brother is watching.
No client side hacks like speedhack, flying, xray vision. Speedhack and flying hack can cause serious memory issues or a bit of lag in chunk generation on the server, do not use them.
Keep the chat clean, no RACISM at all, none will be tolerated. Be respectful towards other users and admins.

Normal users are not able to use fire (flint+steel) or pour lava. In the event you need this you can ask a player that has Vip or up abilities/permissions on the server to do it for you. We also use worldguard, so it is possible to protect areas once you have built something, admins have the ability to set protected areas.

Vip's and up can use the restricted items on the server, there's 2 ways of becoming a vip, either donate for it (more info on that can be found at the main part of the website, on the donation page.), or become a trusted player by the admins on the server by both behavior and playtime(more then a month or 2 since joining.) on the server.

Here is a link to the Google Map of the server (also located on the message board at spawn)

It's pretty self explanatory, you pick the world from the list and the map loads like any google map. It does sometimes lag a little here and there when updating player locations. Also note that this map, excluding current player locations, is only as up to date as the last map render, so there might be differences between what the map is showing you, and what you are seeing in game.

Cartman has also provided a chatroom for us which supports multiple rooms and private chat, you do not have to be in game to use this.

This link takes you to the announcement thread of the forums and you should keep an eye on topics in here if any relate to the Mc server.


This link takes you to the "Server Problems?" thread, which has 2 sub-threads, one for reporting a border dispute, the other for reporting a grief


This server has several worlds all linked together via Stargates and a "warp" system. The warp system, as well as lwc locking system, can be accessed by typing /warp or /lwc, which brings up their help screens.

There are two stargate designs available to build and I will attach an image of each. The small footprint design is a basic portal. As with portals, stargates require obsidian, but they do not require flint+steel activation. The large design is more elaborate and requires more obsidian to construct. Note that for it to work, it must be exactly as shown. The process to make one is simple, build the obsidian pieces first, this includes the separate switch board in the large version which has to be EXACTLY as show.

For the small version place the sign on the left side first, on the top line to name your stargate, the second line is used for the gate network it is a part of(for creating private networks.), but this is only usable by those that have Vip and up privileges on the server. Be careful when using non-alphanumeric characters in both the gate name and network name as thins can glitch the gate up. Then place a lever or button on the right side and click it. This will complete the stargate and create a new sign above the button showing the name of the gate, operator, and network (public in your case). The sign you placed on the left has changed show the name of your gate at the top, then a list of the other public gates. As with both gates, simply click that sign to pick a destination then activate the stargate.
File comment: Small Stargate Design
2011-09-29_08.41.42.png [ 421.66 KiB | Viewed 8248 times ]

For the large gate, build all the obsidian first, then on the separate 4 block sign board, place the sign on the right, putting the gate name at the top. Then place a button beside it and click it to create the gate, the sign is now your location selector just like the small gate.
File comment: Large Stargate Design
2011-09-29_08.41.59.png [ 612.88 KiB | Viewed 8248 times ]

If you happen to forget what the address of the minecraft server is it's
cartman-2000 wrote:
The old nethers have been removed from the server, if there's still something their you want brought over the only ways is for me to use mcedit to copy it over. As for default nethergate targets, all normal type worlds target the new nether and nether targets the new main world.

skylands now uses the normal type environment and a custom generator as the skylands one no longer works(it was replaced by the end generator.), it's always had hostile mobs except they usually didn't spawn as it was always daytime in that world. The new main world is a hostile mobs type world.

The end world has been imported into skylands and the end world itself has been disabled, you can get to the imported area by using the warp the_end.

You can target specific worlds now with nethergates, using certain material type in the upper corners of the nethergate.
here's the list of material types to target specific worlds.
worldv3: cobblestone
worldv2: stone
worldv2_nether: netherrack
world: wool
cartsworld: mossy cobblestone
skylands: glass

New economy stuff.

You can create a chest shop by creating a chest placing a type of item in it and creating a sign by the chest with these in it:
First line: playername
Second line: stack size of items to buy/sell at a time
Third line: the amount to sell and buy at "s amount:amount b" the s amount is the amount they pay to buy and the b amount is what they get if they sell to you.
Fourth line: the item name or id number


you can join certain jobs to get money in the economy on the server.

/jobs browse - Lists the available jobs to join.
/jobs join <jobname> - Join a job, you can join upto 3 at a time.
/jobs leave <jobname>
/jobs stats - View your current jobs and levels
/jobs info <jobname> - View information about a job.

Dynamic Shop:

/buy <item name or id in #:# format eg. stone is 1:0> <amount>
/sell <item name or id in #:# format eg. stone is 1:0> <amount>
/price <item name or id in #:# format eg. stone is 1:0> [amount]
/market [top or bottom] - List either the most expensive or least expensive items in the shop

The prices baught or sold in this plugin depend on the item's demand.

Vip commands:
/back - Allows you to go back to the place you died.
/commandsigns - Allows you to create regular type signs/pressure plates that can execute commands, for instance you can apply a warp command to a pressure plate creating a warp plate
/gm [0-2] - Allows you to change your game mode
/fly - Allows you to use classic type flying outside of classic mode
/spa - Makes pickaxes insta break blocks, a bit like worldedit's super pickaxe, but it's logged by LogBlock and it doesn't work on all block types(eg bedrock, and a couple others I disabled.)

Other commands:
/bal - See how much money you have
/baltop - See the top players on the server.
/pay <playername> <amount> - Allows you to give your money to other players.

/!\ New MC players please read these 2 threads:Rules for Cartman's ServerGetting Started on Cartman's Server

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Added some VIP commands.

Thu Sep 29, 2011 4:40 am
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