Cartman-2000's OC server Sourcebans page.
If you here to report a bad player on the server, plese record a demo of them doing something wrong before submitting one.

To record a demo open your console and type record, and then type status in the console, copy there Steam ID. To stop the recording type stop in the console. This will record anything for the most part, only things not recorded by this is peoples sprays, if someone is using an inappropriate spray take a screenshot of their spray and add it in the zip/rar file for upload as well.

The recording will be saved in /sourcemods/obsidian/

Either zip or rar the demo and upload it in the submission(6mb max file size for the compressed file.).
This page is for bans on the Obsidian Conflict server, for bans on the Sven Co-op servers visit the bans page on the main site. You can still report players on the Sven Co-op server here, just make note of it in the comments section of the submission that it's on the Sven Co-op servers.

Servers List

MOD OS VAC Hostname Players Map
Querying Server Data... N/A N/A
Latest Players Blocked Total Stopped: 187
  Date/Time Name
Blocked Player 06-26-13 22:13 KillerTelmuun ☭
Blocked Player 06-19-13 17:52 muslim neeger
Blocked Player 04-17-13 18:07 theRipper
Blocked Player 04-17-13 18:01 theRipper
Blocked Player 04-17-13 17:39 cyberblock
Blocked Player 04-17-13 17:24 cyberblock
Blocked Player 04-01-13 15:22 citizen
Blocked Player 02-23-13 22:08 [A]moi [S]hishashi™
Blocked Player 01-28-13 09:37 [:TR:]#BLACK-HAND#
Blocked Player 12-22-12 19:28 Owlmageddon
Latest Added Bans Total bans: 291
MOD Date/Time Name Length
MOD 06-26-13 22:13 57桑........ 30 min (E)
MOD 06-26-13 22:11 KillerTelmuun ☭ 30 min (E)
MOD 04-27-13 14:53 lazerblast 30 min (E)
MOD 04-17-13 17:57 ScarletSpider 30 min (E)
MOD 04-17-13 17:40 theRipper 30 min (E)
MOD 04-17-13 17:23 cyberblock 30 min (E)
MOD 04-01-13 15:22 citizen 30 min (E)
MOD 02-23-13 22:02 [A]moi [S]hishashi™ 30 min (E)
MOD 01-28-13 09:37 [:TR:]#BLACK-HAND# 30 min (E)
MOD 01-25-13 12:36 [GMG] Super_Sonic GER 30 min (E)