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Donations and special fetures on the server.

If you'd like to show your support for the game server and website, and would like to help to pay for the cost of webhosting and other stuff, you can donate a little bit of money.

You can get some levels on the server in appreciation for your donation. You would get 100 levels for every $5 donated, max of 600 levels($30) per Steam ID, so if you donated $25 you'd get 500 levels. If you want levels add your Steam ID(ex. STEAM_0:1:13699) in the box on the donation page, if not, state that you don't want levels in the email you send to me. Also to make sure I get your Steam ID, you should email me the Steam ID too(use the same email address to email me that you use with your paypal acc.). Note: I can only give you levels, or a reserved slot(see below.), for donating to me, if it's the special donor weapons you want in sc you have to donate to the SC Team for those.

There are also reserved slots available on the server, there a one time fee of $15 for all servers, or $7 for a single mods/games servers I run(state this in the email and what mod/game you want it for! If it's for my MC server please put state your MC playername in the email to, so I know who to give it to.). to get one, you can donate the money by using the donate button above, but state in your email to me that you want a reserved slot. You can get both a reserved slot and levels by stating you want both in your email(If you don't say anything about wanting/not wanting levels or a reserved slot, I will assume that you only want levels, so state it if you want a reserved slot or both.), the first $15 will go to the reserved slot and the rest would go to levels, the max donation for levels still apply here so anything above $45 won't get you extra levels($15 for reserved slot + $30 for levels.). Reserved slot's are permanent as long as you don't get banned by an admin.

Minecraft ViP:
You can get a ViP abbilities on my server by donating $5, this will allow you access to things like lava buckets and flints and steel items and TNT, items that where disabled for normal users because of griefing problems. You also get the ability to make stargates on any network you want, having networks that are private to normal users. For this state that you want MC vip access, and also add your MC playername too, if you haven't done so already for the reserved slot.

Minecraft world import:
You can have a single world imported into the server for 25$, The reason why its quite a bit more more to have a world imported then to get vip is that every world added to the server adds to its overall load, I can only do a limited number of world imports for people. You can have SP worlds or MP worlds imported(Try to keep the size to less then around 100-150mb if possible.) or custom gen worlds(Would need a link to the generator plugin on the bukkit site.). Only restrictions to this is that it's not a custom ore spawning rate map where it has "a lot" more ores then normal, and the initial border for it would be set to 1k units for newly generated worlds, SMP world import borders can be a bit larger. How to get the world to me and how to have it set up(stuff like hostile mobs) can be discussed over the forum's PMs.

four worlds imported so far, none left.

Keep in mind if you get banned by an admin(other then votebans) for what ever reason, that you will loose your reserved slots and Minecraft VIP if you have them.

You can get multiple things in one donation, just state everything you want and donate the total ammount form everything that you want.
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